Autel MaxiIM IM508 IM608 FAQ

Autel MaxiIM IM508 IM608 FAQ
Q: I have VVDI2 and IM508. Both devices cannot cope with the MQB. From VVDI2 support I know that you need: VAG OBD HELPER- another stuff. However, I must explain how it is exactly with the AUTEL device. Can you help figure it out?
A: IM508 you can go to device advanced mode ->MQB(beta) to perform add key or all key lost functions. MQB all key lost need 30 dollars per vehicle no matter howmany keys you program to the vehicles.
and it is recommend to use the OE MQB key to perform the functions since sometimes the aftermarket MQB key doesn’t work. And the immo data are getting from Autel server which is different from the way VVDI does with the OBD helper.

Q: ok. I don’t use aftermarket keys. only new. So there is no fee to add a key?
What is with my IM508 that: selecting the MQB (beat) function add key:
napjpier there was a PAY-PER-USE message, after the update there was no connection to the server anymore. Can you check by serial number is it ok?   IM508   S/N  AEM1L3C0XXXX
A: Yes, no fee to add key
Please update your software to V4.41
your software version is still V4.30,that’s why there is a message for that.

Q: Can I do it manually or only in the update function for my IM508?
A: In the update application menu where you download the udpate

Q: I do not understand how in AUTEL there can be a calculation for free when adding an MQB key as VVDI charges money for it. It is the same with the older generation ID48 transpoder. Cloning is payable using server-based calculation.
A: Dear customer. you do not need to understand, after all they are different products, youcan’t compare sumsunge with apple all the time
They are different products and they offer different services.

Q: you need to buy the VW OE MQB keys to do it for safety, some aftermarket MQB smart key are not supported, can’t learn to the vehicle like VVDI MQB smart keys.
A: yes, sorry if that causes a problem. In the future ,Autel will have its own MQB aftermarket key. so…

2. Q: Will this work with my 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit with the 5.7 V-8 Hemi? VIN:1C4RJFJT9FC697353
Will it also Program the Key Fobs?
A: Yes, you can buy IM508 IM608, it is supported.

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