Possible to Program a Used Nissan ECM with Diagun IV?

As titled, possible to program a used Nissan ECM by using Launch X431 Diagun IV OBD2 diagnostic scanner?

A: Yes. Check step-by-step guide below:


diagun-iv-nissan-ecm-1 (2) diagun-iv-nissan-ecm-2 (2)

Connection Diagun IV with vehicle via DBscar Bluetooth connector

(Note: pocket juice is a portable charger.)
Run Diagun IV application
Select Diagnose function->Asian->Nissan
diagun-iv-nissan-ecm-3 (2) diagun-iv-nissan-ecm-4 (2)
connecting bluetooth

diagun-iv-nissan-ecm-5 (2)
This vehicle has a 16-PIN standard connector

diagun-iv-nissan-ecm-6 (2)
Reads VIN

diagun-iv-nissan-ecm-7 (2)
Choose Maintenance function->NATS (Nissan Anti-theft system)-> Manual selection test->After replacing or installing operation->Replace ECM (Used Part)

diagun-iv-nissan-ecm-8 (2) diagun-iv-nissan-ecm-9 (2) diagun-iv-nissan-ecm-10 (2) diagun-iv-nissan-ecm-11 (2) diagun-iv-nissan-ecm-12 (2)

This procedure erase all registered keys. Therefore, all of the customer’s keys should be obtained before starting this procedure.
Press OK to continue.
diagun-iv-nissan-ecm-13 (2)
Follow procedure below to operate:
1. Get Immobilizer code (PIN) for initialization from the following
encrypted PIN (5 or 12 digits)
Encrypted PIN
(5 or 12 digits): 1288a

2. Input PIN for initialization into the following input column

IMMO code for initialization
Old Password (Before 2010): 5521
New Password (After 2010): 3521

3. Press Next. The system starts communication with the vehicle.

diagun-iv-nissan-ecm-14 (2)

This is an old model, so here we enter old password

diagun-iv-nissan-ecm-15 (2)
Operate according to following procedure:
1. Insert ignition key into ignition key cylinder and turn on ignition switch.
After performing this operation. The system automatically proceeds to initialization ECU.

diagun-iv-nissan-ecm-16 (2)

Perform key registration.
1. Remove inserted ignition key
2.Insert unregistered ignition key into ignition and turn to ON position. and then wait for 5 seconds or more.
3. Check the security indicator flashes for 5 times
4. Turn ignition switch to OFF position. Remove ignition key and wait for 3s or more.
5. A Maximum of 5 ignition keys can be registered by repeating procedure from step 2 to step 4 using unregistered ignition keys.  Press Next to finish key registration mode.

diagun-iv-nissan-ecm-17 (2) diagun-iv-nissan-ecm-18 (2)

Program used ECM finished. Now you need to register VIN with ECM.
Go to System Scan->ECM (Engine Control Module)->Special Function->VIN Registration

diagun-iv-nissan-ecm-19 (2) diagun-iv-nissan-ecm-20 (2) diagun-iv-nissan-ecm-21 (2) diagun-iv-nissan-ecm-22 (2)
Turn ignition switch to ON position but don’t start engine during the procedure.

Follow Diagun 4 scanner prompts until success.

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