ODIS 6.10 Update & Installation Guide for VAS 6154

Please kindly notice:
ODIS 6.10 installation guide on VAS 5054A is the same as VAS 6154, the main difference is that VAS6154 needs to install VAS Driver (step 8 as below)

Main steps:

Step 1: Copy all 5 ODIS V6.10 software from DVD and paste to the local disk of the computer
It will take a long time, please be patient.

Software files including:
-Windows update (if you need)
-ODIS 6.10 license
-ODIS-Service-update_6_1_0-EU files

Step 2: Update windows system depends on your need

Step 3: Restart computer after updating windows system

Step 4: Unzip ODIS service installation file
odis service installation file
Install OffboardDiagSetup-service_VWMCD_6_1

Select the language you want
odis select language

Choose target folder

Select the corresponding diagnostic interface
Select the license “license.dat” on local disk

Install device software

Step 5: Copy the offboardDiagLauncher from local disk to program files (x86)

Step 6: Run Offboard Diagnostic information system as administrator

URL: D disk/ODIS 6.10/ODIS-Service_update-6_1_0-EU
User name: abc
Keyword: abc

Select the corresponding language

Download ODIS data

Step 7: Copy the Patch “softing” and paste to lock disk (C:) Program files (x86)

Step 8: Install VAS6154 Driver –VAS Driver
Then you can run the software to diagnose

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