V2021.10 GM MDI 2 Diagnostic Tool Multiple Diagnostic Interface


Q1: Is this for chevy volt 2012 to reprogram the hybrid system ecu unit is it going to work?
Solution: This item is without a program software, just hardware support. If you have it, you can implement software the program

Q2: I got the software I installed the hard drive tell me how to use gm mdi2 which software open first what are the steps
1). Please insert the HDD into the computer
2). The boot display is Windows 7 and the GDS2 needs to be opened. And then it is ok for diagnosis.

Q3: I open GDS2 ans no lease found. Do I have to connect to the internet or not how to fix the lease not found?
Solution: Our engineer will help you check it remotely.

Q4: Which package do I have to install. Gm China or gm global?

Solution: Don’t install anything. If do, it won’t work. Just choose your car type and use it


1)May I know if the tool is connected your car? If not, please connect your car.
2)To make sure MDI working
3)Please try to change another USB port

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