share some common questions about MB SD Connect Compact 4 from our regular customers

mb star compact C4
mb star compact C4

As to help you know more about MB SD Compact C4, Autonumen will share some common questions from our regular customers with you, and sincerely hope they will do good for you. And the diagnosis tools are available for Mercedes Benz cars from companies such as MB Star and from Magus, and they are generally designed to be compatible with the latest computer software.Here are two version of Mercedes Benz C3, which can work on different kind of computer or laptop.I suggest that you need to find a dealer to help you, generally, dealers will provide technical support. If he can’t solve your problem. You can choose to go to this website, looking for experts to help. They have professional obd technical customer service to answer your questions.

The Star Diagnosis SDconnect Facelift multiplexer, recognizable by its matt silver sticker with the “SDconnect Facelift” inscription on the rear also supports TCP/IP protocols and thus ensures communication with the new control units via Ethernet. All older model series can also be diagnosed with it in the usual way. In addition, all European Mitsubishi Canter vehicles (Euro 3/4/5 and LIFT) can be diagnosed with the old and the new SDconnect. The cable required for this can be ordered as an accessory in the usual way.

I managed to get the system to read the X164 Mercedes! I think the car is from an ‘in between’ production run, half way between the end of the X164 and the subsequent X166 models. I unwrapped the wiring loom to the diagnostic plug in the car. There are only 5 wires going to it! Pin 4&5 are brown wires OBD2 Diagnostic Tools, pin 6 is gray with a white stripe, pin 14 is gray and pin 16 is red. I think the communication must be via the CAN bus. I do not think any of these wires carry an ignition signal.

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