JPRO, User-friendly Design and Interactive Features, Your Entire Cart!


Empower your technicians with the all makes, all models diagnostic and troubleshooting tool to maximize shop efficiency and vehicle uptime.
“JPRO’s advanced capabilities met the needs of the maintenance facilities.

Commercial vehicles are complex. With more components and electrical systems than ever before, vehicle maintenance has become a moving target. JPRO simplifies the process, helping techs of all skill levels achieve faster, more accurate repairs.

Quickly connect to vehicles and get instant diagnosis assistance for all truck components and ECUs. With JPRO’S easy-to-use interface and guided diagnostics, technicians of all skill levels can diagnose with the speed and precision of industry veterans.
VEHICLE REPORTS: Automatically capture pertinent vehicle details to bring into configurable reports such as inspection and preventative maintenance.
EMPOWER TECHNICIANS: Detailed and easy-to-follow and step-by-step repair instructions will make you feel like there’s a master mechanic in your shop helping technicians of all skill levels perform with the speed, accuracy, and knowledge of a lead tech.
SYMPTOM-BASED REPAIRS: No Fault? No problem! Fix the issues your diagnostic tool can’t detect and empower technicians to quickly solve the symptom-based issues that often trouble even the top mechanics.
GUIDED TROUBLESHOOTING: Procedures, installation guides, and wiring diagrams based on live fault and vehicle data.
DETAILED IMAGES: Find the right component, pin, or other part with detailed images and schematics so you can make the correct repair, every time.

Get trucks back on the road and improve shop revenue by turning over bays like a pro!
Enables you to maximize uptime by quickly addressing issues affecting the health, safety, and performance of your fleet while it’s on the road.

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