How to Setting or Testing the Engine Overspeed using Caterpillar ET

How to Setting or Testing the ENGINE OVERSPEED using Caterpillar ET?

Here the STEPS;
1. Connect CAT ET Software, click on menu “Service” then “Monitoring System”.
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2. Just to make sure, before setting up the Monitoring System, need to set “Unlocked” on Monitoring System Configuration Access, through menu “Service” then “Parameter Lockout”.


3. Back to Monitoring System, click on “Engine Overspeed”. Change the Monitor System for Engine Speed, by editing on Trip Point (RPM): 1800-2600 RPM.


4. For example: set Trip Point to 1800 RPM, then try to testing the Engine Overspeed while engine is running. When Engine RPM reached 1800 RPM, the Engine should be shutdown suddenly (the ECM will activated the ASO valve), with Diagnostic Code: SPN190 – FMI0 (E004 – Engine Overspeed Shutdown).

-Engine Overspeed
-High Auxiliary Pressure
-High Auxiliary Temperature
-High Engine Coolant Temperature
-High Engine Inlet Air Temperature
-High Fuel Filter Pressure Restriction
-High Fuel Pressure
-High Fuel Temperature
-Low Coolant Level
-Low Engine Oil Pressure

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