GM MDI Tech 3 VS GM tech 2

Many customers ask for this question: what is the difference between GM tech 2 and GM MDI Tech 3 scan tool, if you want buy GM Diagnostics Tools, which one is good? here, we suggest which one is good auto diagnostic tool for GENERAL MOTORS

GM MDI Tech 3 Diagnostic Scanner:

GM MDI (Multi Diagnostics Interface) is the genuine Vauxhall / Opel dealer diagnostics interface, which when combined with Global TIS, GDS 2, Tech2Win software, and a new laptop, provides full dealer level diagnostics and programming for all Vauxhall /Opel 16 pin vehicles from 1996 to present day. MDI is the quick and easy way to keep customers happy and win new business by offering the exact same functions as the main dealers,.

GM MDI VS GM Tech 2 Scan tool

The GM MDI offers many advantages for workshops looking to upgrade their Tech 2 to the MDI.

– MDI is 20 to 70% faster compared to the Tech 2 for SPS programming, which helps alleviate battery drain on vehicles. This means flashing new ECU software is both quicker and more stable,for example, re-flashing an engine ECU using the Tech 2 could take up to 1 hour, with the MDI it’s just 10 minutes. You can therefore flash 6 cars with the MDI in the same time as it would take 1 with the Tech 2.

– Covers all new Vauxhall models introduced after 2009 with the new Can Bus. These won’t be covered by the Tech 2, they’re exclusive to the MDI.

– The GM MDI has a lower price compared to a brand new & genuine Tech 2.

The Tech 2 will remain an essential tool for years to come, and works well in partnership with the MDI. By investing in the GM MDI, this frees up the GM Tech 2 for quick diagnostic checks. The Global TIS for MDI can be used to update the software on your Tech 2 handset to the latest version. The Tech 2 is also essential if you work on Saab/Isuzu/Suzuki.

GM Tech 2 Diagnostic Scanner

GM Tech 2 is the GM factory scan tool used in all GM dealers since 1996. Model coverage includes all makes and models of GM vehicles including passenger cars, trucks and vans. Model year coverage is from 1992 to 2013. For GM vehicles prior to 1992 you will need a Tech1A or a MasterTech listed below to achieve OEM level functionality.

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