GM MDI 2 China clone review

Returning the MDI 2 for item SP163-C is not what I want. I purchased an MDI 2 because it’s supposed to be better than an MDI in multiple ways.
The MDI 2 is supposed to be able to power off the USB connection when not plugged into a vehicle.
It does work when plugged into a vehicle, but the GM MDI2 is supposed to be able to power up from a usb connection alone.
This blog says the original and clone share the same functions and only differ in price and operating system.
GM MDI 2 China clone review-1

The WiFi in the MDI 2 (SP163-E) that I received seems to be built in instead of being a USB dongle, and so far I haven’t been able to set up the point to point WiFi communication the MDI 2 is also supposed to be capable of.

Here are some pictures showing the firmware update being done, and where there aren’t any USB A ports under the covers labeled as USB A
GM MDI 2 China clone review-2 GM MDI 2 China clone review-3 GM MDI 2 China clone review-4 GM MDI 2 China clone review-5 GM MDI 2 China clone review-6

The unit looks good, however it seems to simply be an MDI made to look like and MDI 2.
When I plug it into a computer it will not power of the usb connection like and MDI 2 is supposed to, it does not have the USB A ports under the covers instead the is no opening under 1 and a power connector under the other like on the original MDI unit. I don’t see an SD card expansion slot like the MDI 2 is supposed to have either.

Once I was able to plug the unit in and get it powered up the GM MDI Manager software doesn’t recognize it as a MDI 2 but as a MDI. I could not connect to it until I updated the software, because it was 2 years old. Which not really a big deal because I was expecting the software to require and update to be the most current.

So my advice is: dont waste money on MDI2 knock-off. Just take a MDI instead if china clone

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