The solution to the problem that the VAS6154 interface does not appear on the ODIS 5.1.6 software


Customer problem: I have received the VAS 6154 device. I install ODIS 5.1.6 on Win7/ 64 bit, but I have a problem connecting to the vehicle (all 3 devices work identically). The first time I connect to a vehicle, it… Continue Reading


ODIS 5.2.6 For VAS5054a/VAS6154 Free Download and Installation

ODIS 5.2.6 For VAS5054a VAS6154 Free Download and Installation-1

Free Download VAS5054a/VAS6154 Latest Software ODIS 5.2.6: Odis 5.26 download link: https://share.weiyun.com/kIqJY1io Password: zogb1h (If you can’t download above link, Check this) ODIS 5.2.6 + Postsetup 98.0.160 Free download: Torrent 1 Odis-S 5.2.6 without udpates and postsetup https://mega.nz/file/MQRHWCxa#KgHLLAOCi23WqW_6PhO21Xuuu9db7ztnI_dl3i8HMEM 0.MS_Visual_C++2010 for… Continue Reading


ODIS-S 5.0.4 ODIS-E 9.0.4 Download + How to Install (FAQs)

ODIS-S 5.0.4 ODIS-E 9.0.4 Download + How to Install (FAQs)-1

Here is the latest ODIS S 5.0.4 and ODIS E 9.0.4 download link for you guys with VAS 5054A heads and the like. Free download ODIS Service 5.0.4: https://mega.nz/#!gDA2AQBa!F5N-2XtHqMC-jdS9pLCHjRbKGj3MEpXb5kN_bp2sPrE Free download ODIS Engineering 9.0.4: https://mega.nz/#!MCRAzQLa!NrIwnu2PEs1oqvmVTVscRYRMj_m7KVC0FZtaB7QCjtc Tip: ODIS S 5.0.4 ODIS… Continue Reading


How to Change The Gearbox Computer Part Number by ODIS-Engineering

How to Change The Gearbox Computer Part Number by ODIS-Engineering-1

This instruction will guide you on the way to change gearbox computer part number via ODIS-Engineering on AUDI A7DSG. Preparation: Newest ODIS-E Engineering 12.1.1 & 9.0.4 Free Download How to Install ODIS-Engineering 12.1.0 Diagnostic Software Note: For engine computer number… Continue Reading