I would like to make a list of MB star series diagnostics for you

I was recently low on freon and had the hissing sound so charged it to the high amount to about 45lbs on the gauge–the max green. Before charging it was in the middle of the green range why I put it up at the max. Anyhow this was after driving it for some time and it blew cold while at idle and the pressure on the Climatic Control Diag #7 remained steady.The most popular Mercedes Benz diagnostic tool, obviously, should be MB Star diagnostics.So today I would like to make a list of MB star series diagnostics for you. How many types of MB star diagnostic tools; what are their functions; and what’s the difference between them.
MB Star C3 diagnostic tool series:MB Star C3 diagnostic tool contains: MB Star c3 main unit, MB Star C3 fit all computers, MB Star C3 fit IBM T30, Super mb star, and Best version MB Star c3.Different C3 with different software. Main unit Multiplexer of MB STAR C3 is only main unit without cables. MB Star c3 fit all computer with all computer HDD and the software is March, 2010, with multi-language, and the July, 2010 version only English language. MB star c3 Fit IBM t30 with t30 HDD, and the software is 07, 2011 version. The software of the super MB Star c3 and best quality C3 are 07, 2011 version.

MB Star C4 diagnostic tool series:MB star c4 series have two types: MB star c4 fit all computers, and MB star c4 fit IBM T30.MB STAR C4, different from C3, is the lately updated professional diagnostic equipment for Mercedes Benz cars manufactured after year 2000. It is much difference in the shape from Mercedes star C3 and smaller in size, lighter in weight than Compact3. C4 2008 can do all the works what Compact3 does and it is the replacement of Compact3-Star.

To us, the car just like our second clothes and every one want to protect it. If you take it into consideration, you need buy a tool which can use for long time and can help you deal with your car, the MB Star C3, MB SD Connect Compact 4 Star, if you lost your car keys, you can buy the AK500 Key Programmer tool, it can help you read out your car key chip information from the ECU, then through the information you can use the CN900 tool to make the key, later you can make the key.

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