How to Get European Fiat SGW Subscription for Autel Tools?

Autoauth is what Chrysler uses for user authentication for 2018+ SGW vehicles. FCA Chrysler doesn’t allow a tool into their secure gateway unless it’s registered with


For US Chrysler Fiat SGW vehicles, it is easy to access with Autel Scanner. You go to www.autoauth.com to register your USA serialed Autel for FCA secure gateway access to

fiat, Chrysler , Jeep etc. you need a autoauth accout to get in for the handshake to the fca servers.

How-to-Get-European-Fiat-SGW-Subscription-for-Autel-Tools-1 (2)

Check detailed instruction: Autel Scan Tools Bypass SGW FCA Security Gateway Access

But Autoauth is only for US, how about European SGW access?

Fiat, Alfa romeo every time you need to bypass SGW. How to subscribe for get SGW access?  attached link?

You can use Star cable bypasses the sgw connecting scanner to diagnostic CAN lines on the star connector.

How-to-Get-European-Fiat-SGW-Subscription-for-Autel-Tools-1 (2)

But some have 12+8 cable but don’t want to spend time searching for sgw location. They want to use fca authentication by obd.

Fiat technical takes about 3 weeks.

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