Visfed and Volvo Tech Tool on Vocom: What’s good?

What is Volvo Tech Tool:

Premium Tech Tool (Volvo PTT) is a Windows-based diagnostic application specially designed to test, calibrate and program engine parameters.

1.Read / Interpret Fault Data
2.Extensive Diagnostic Tools
3.Facilitates Update Process
4.Clear all diagnostic trouble codes including emissions related ReGen codes.
5.This software will communicate with trucks below, with the proper interface device like Vocom 88890300 or  VCADS

What is Visfed:

Small Database Flash files.

It works as a Special tool to encrypt/decrypt/edit intermediate storage files for ADVANCED Volvo Trucks Diag users.
With this tool you have this interesting options:
• AdBlue OFF.
• Convert EUR3 to EUR5.
• NOx Torque Reduction OFF.

The Tool is made to make all file rebuilding process as simple and easy as possible. It also allows to view ECU file and other information of part and sub part numbers, parameters, PID, PPID, SID, PSID, FMI. Checksum calculation possible of Intel HEX line and whole CSW file. For portability USB key included

Which truck diagnostic tool can be used with both visfed and tech tool:

both the cheaper
Visfed and Volvo Tech Tool on Vocom-1

and classic
Visfed and Volvo Tech Tool on Vocom-2
can work with it.

The two VOCOM 88890300 china clones are THE SAME actually.

The cheap black look:


The classic metal shell:


What can you do with Visfed and Tech Tool:

You can use Visfed and Tech Tool for:

online flash

Visfed and Volvo Tech Tool on Vocom-3

bintools bin to flash converting2

Visfed and Volvo Tech Tool on Vocom-4

bintools bin to flash converting1

Visfed and Volvo Tech Tool on Vocom-5

XML editor

Visfed and Volvo Tech Tool on Vocom-6
Chassis Editor

Visfed and Volvo Tech Tool on Vocom-7

Volvo Truck flash files 8400

Visfed and Volvo Tech Tool on Vocom-8
Automatically converting and put flash file in Tech tool

Visfed and Volvo Tech Tool on Vocom-9 Visfed and Volvo Tech Tool on Vocom-10
Visfed review:

visfed tea 2 supports Volvo VN, Mack, Ud trucks

also remove dpf, egr, adblue, nox

works with euro 2/3/4/5 trucks

but doesn’t work for euro 6 trucks

euro 6 trucks for version 3/4 another software visfed pro plus

This is for your information.

“Visfed includes hex editor, volvo and renault files or for USA clients Volvo and MACK files
For additional components contact us!”

Visfed and Volvo Tech Tool on Vocom-11

source: https://www.autonumen.com/goods-6914-Volvo-88890300-Vocom-Interface-Truck-Diagnose-Tool.html

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