How to use Enet cable / ICOM program F / G series without closing driver’s door?

Question: with ENET cable, will be very slow, and pray to be success. there is a lot of threads in the forums for this kind of experiment. 90% went bad. I would not try it but thats me

Answer: please read the following reviews

Review 1: Vote both ICOM and enet cable

I always program all ecus only with ENET cable- car never died and all work always done. Even with Icom you can brick car it you don’t know what are you doing. Why you write that it will be slow? Its same channels of communication like in ICOM.
Ignition wont turn off when programming.

I don’t know speed of this two- for me programming nbt evo with 35 minutes is fine with enet. Try to flash some difficult nbt or kombi with icom- always problem and enet helps me a lot with it. Have 2 original Icom- both faulty and repaired in BMW. There was few threads about killing a car with Icom and programming in Ista- so it is possible. Enet is not bad for work with F and G series but if you want only click start button in Ista and wait for finish- Icom is for you. With Enet you can do same job.

Review 2: Vote both ISTA and enet cable

Enet is completely fine, even factory uses enet.

When executing TAL, esys will take care of ignition, so it won’t turn off.

ISTA will also take care of ignition. It will also write to you first what to do. For F10 that is – do no open/close driver’s door during operation.

Review 3: Vote icom or ICOM NEXT

I owned few BMW E, F and G series. I never use ISTA-D with eNet cable to program F or G series.
Always used icom or iCom Next to program with ISTA-D over my home network, and never have any problem.
I bought the iCom Next A 81 31 2 360 883

Buy the iCom Next for your F series cars.
Here the steps I prepared before I connect the iCom on my F or G series.
1. Latch the driver seat belt.
2. Latch the drive door latch for coupe and sedan.
3. Turn ON ignition.
4. Connect the iCom.
5. Run ISTA-D

Review 4: vote esys+icom

My recommendation, don’t use ISTA+ and ENET for programming…. anyway if you want o risk it, use ESYS + ENET.

2 times i updated with ista+enet went wrong, i had luck to recover the whole car with esys+icom, good luck.

Review 5: with enet

I did almost coding and flashing with enet and all ok.
No need Icom.

Review 5: e-Sys running with ENET or ISTA running ICOM

Just use e-Sys and ENET – that’s what I’ve always used for my F10. As long as you have power, have no retrofits/donor parts and watch out for mismatching HWEL/HWEPs it’s pretty safe and straightforward. Sometimes you may have to run ABLs from ISTA, but not for KAFAS. Anyway, there are almost no updates now for the F10 and you’re already at a pretty recent ilevel.

If you really want to use ISTA then buy an ICOM. I’m in the same situation – personal use, so can’t justify the cost.

Review 6: When to use esys instead of ISTA?

Most of the time, when you updating the whole car, it does do everything and you don’t have to put your fingers in esys, but there are also situations where ISTA fail with programming one of the modules (sometimes more) and refuse to reprogram until you replace it. It’s good, if it’s stuck in programming mode, but still response. Then you need to try to reprogram with esys.
If you want to start with programming, then in my opinion, you should definitely be familiar with esys and its functionality.

Procedure: learn how to program with E-Sys and Ista?

If you car has corrected FA (retrofit must be inserted if allowed by etk) and SVT and any retrofit not allowed by ETK, then flash is easy. Connect to your car in gateway mode by URL and select read parameters from VCM. Go in confort mode read FA and read svt actual from ecu (save both). Select calculation strategy as complete flash and calculate then save SVT target. Make sure in SVT ANY ecu maked with green arrows which mean exchange (red means new software, blue actual software into ecu and black no difference). Calculate TAL then save. Go in expert mode TAL processing, then load TAL what you saved, SVT target what you saved, FA what you saved. Check software availability and if result ok, start. You have to use a dhcp server (MANDATORY) to find ip of ZGW or other gateway either to flash ZGW, NBT and KOMBI, it may fails if you do connection via vin (ZGW fails for sure). Ip address to insert in URL (do not change port only ip) is diagnostic address 10 like this entry by dhcp server

AutoConfig=03/06/2020 07:59:49

do not touch any other parameter, leave esys like default and without launcher.

After flashing, disconnect and if your esys has external application transmitter (all version but not the last), you can lock airbag by acsm module and you can clear all diagnostic trouble code. Or use tool32, ista BMW or any other to complete all adaption necessary.

edit: info: do not go over 13.5 (max 13.8v) with power supply when flashing, not supported on hybrid cars and not necessary on standard cars and may cause damage on both.

Using tips of battery:

There was always a big confusion about 13.8V. BMW documentation said that chargers sold by BMW must be set to 13.8V AND BATTERY CHARGE MODE. In that mode charger actually varies output voltage based on current flowing. The more current, the higher the voltage (to account for drop in wires, etc).

However most people are too stupid to understand that second part. They just read 13.8V and use that for supply mode… Which actually WILL permanently damage car battery and other things. Personally I flash all cars on 13.2V and never had a problem (my power supply is able to calibrate cables so takes into account voltage drop on them).


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