Nexiq USB Link 2 : Buyers Guide

The Nexiq USB Link 2 is a vehicle to PC diagnostic scan tool for trucks and heavy duty vehicles. It’s a service tool built with the professional workshop in mind and its purpose is to assist a mechanic during repairs, and ultimately save them a lot of time and money. The USB Link 2 plugs into most PCs and Macs, which are used to run diagnostic tests and display the vehicle information that the USB Link 2 reads.

The diagnostic scanner has become an essential tool in workshops around the world, and mechanics are so reliant on their features that hardly any servicing jobs are completed without. However, there are thousands of different products out there and the sheer choice can sometimes be overwhelming.

In this review, we hope we can make everything a bit clearer, and at the same time give a comprehensive overview of the Nexiq USB Link 2. Firstly, we’ll outline a rough overview of the product, before exploring its compatibility and functionality in more depth. Finally, we’ll summarise its key features and give our verdict on whether this is the right product for you and your workshop.

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