How to Using BMW ICOM A2+b+c to program BMW F-Series chassis models

Using BMW ICOM A2+b+c to program BMW F-Series chassis models

* Programming Control Unit

* Set Code Control unit

Control unit measures can be selected as follows:

* Click on the control unit under the tab “Control Unit Tree”

* Under the “TAB Edit Control unit”, either by direct selection or by clicking on the control unit.

Menu “Programming”

To execute the vehicle programming/setting code, do the following:

* Use ista/p to read vehicle data.

After you create a new dialog, display the tips for “dialog preparation”

* Follow the tips, record when necessary, confirm button “OK”

Show the dialog box “whether the control unit has been replaced”

* Confirm button “No”, exceptions see “replace (update) control unit”

Establish a connection with the vehicle:

The vehicle details are displayed after the specified associated environment has been successfully identified. Displayed under Menu “Programming”.

1 Menu “Programming”

2 Integration Level (actual), showing the vehicle’s current integration level

3 Open code status, used in vehicles or necessary opening code status

4 progress bar, showing the process of determining the action plan

5 final processing, showing ProgMan or ista/p version, through which the vehicle is finally processed.

6 Integration Level (factory), showing the integration level of vehicle production

7 Tab “Vehicle Details”

Tip: If there is no action for the specified associated environment, the button “Confirm Action plan” is not activated.

tab “Control Unit Tree”:

The control unit tree according to the topological structure, the image displays the control unit which the vehicle installs. Each control unit is displayed with the corresponding bus connection. The combined control unit is displayed in a light blue area.


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