How to Change Speed Limit with PLD File Editor for John Deere Service Advisor EDL V2?

We have two version software V4.0 and V4.2 for John Deere Service Advisor EDL V2:

1.V4.0 software: Support Languages: English

2.V4.2 software:Support Languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese

Notice: If you want to do 3038E truck, then need to use V4.2 software (Hardisk Version).

With John Deere PLD File Encryptor/Decryptor you can:

-Decrypt PayLoad (PLD) file to txt/ini format

-Modify PLD file expiration

-Modify PLD factory options such as speed limit (for example change 40 km/h to 50 km/h)

-Adjust PLD file to different product serial

-Encrypt PLD file

-Program controller with modified PLD using Service Advisor

-Support Windows XP

How to change speed limit with pld files?


Question about payload files:

I have pld files of my tractor (6330P) 11 in total.

I see in bottom of each files info about my tractor (option, serial number etc)

Question: My goal is up the speed limit from 40km to 50 km. I think I have to change OPTION=3 to OPTION=5, but do I have to edit each 11 pld file?


You were right about the speed limit:

you can change OPTION=3 to OPTION=4 or any other you need.

Speed_30kmh = 1;

Speed_35kmh = 2;

Speed_40kmh = 3;

Speed_50kmh = 4;

Speed_ECO = 5;

Speed_NoiseRed_OOS = 6;

For R models the line is different. ROADSPEEDLIMIT=3 change to ROADSPEEDLIMIT=5 or any other you need.

var RoadSpeedLimit_30 = “1”;

var RoadSpeedLimit_35 = “2”;

var RoadSpeedLimit_3840 = “3”;

var RoadSpeedLimit_40E = “4”;

var RoadSpeedLimit_50 = “5”;

var RoadSpeedLimit_50E = “6”;

var RoadSpeedLimit_55 = “7”;

var RoadSpeedLimit_60 = “8”;

var RoadSpeedLimit_60E = “9”;

After you change it, sometimes you still need to lift the speed manually through the display (depending on the tractor model)

You only need to reprogram transmission controller for that.

If you reprogrammed all of them, some settings might have went to default so you might get up to 5 fault codes that you need to configure with SA.


Does it work with SA 4.2?


Service Advisor is just a tool to use pld. Pld editor works without SA.


I have a question about trying to up the power of a 6330 to a 6430. If I compare the engine pld of both tractor they are identical (just the info in the bottom is different) So I don’t know how it could up the power if all the code is the same??


most pld files are made for various models, the info at the bottom determines which part of the pld file will be used for programming. For example:




If you want to know model list,please check the link:


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