Hot selling for NEXIQ 125032 USB Link

Recently , our NEXIQ 125032 USB Link sold very well on the market , becuase it with the best price and best quality , the function of it is very stable .

Assuredly , some customers would be have some questions when use this equipment , please check some of the questions and answer as bellow :

Q: When connect the Nexiq, The power light, data light and Fault light keep flash fast,
what’s happened?
A: You try to update NEXIQ 125032 , right ? This devcie can not be update, you have to return back us for repair.

Q:Does Nexiq contain ISUZU IDSS software? IDSS software fail to loading and display CRC error: “the file C:\Program Files\IDSS\images\2007icvch \processed\fullsize\fullb606.rra doesn’t match the file in the setup’s cab file.”
A: Please check the setup instruction and step-by-step install the software, and at the
same time make sure your computer system support Isuzu IDSS software.

Q: I bought from you several NEXIQ 125032 USB. But this time, when I open this software: V-MAC III Service diagnostics V2.6.12, it display an error message “Unable to read value software\Mack Trucks, Inc\Common\Device ID”, then I choose “Preferences” and then “RP123A Device name”, but there is nothing in the drop-down box for me to choose Truck Diagnose Interface
A: Make sure the driver installs successfully and the Patch is installed. Please install
the software on another computer, do not install on the computer that you previously used.

Do you have any other question of this machine , please check the contact information on our official website : www.autonumen.com .

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