X431 iDiag software available at App Store

Software of Launch X431 iDiag scanner for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch is available at App Store and can work normally now. As mechanics feedback to us that the iDiag software he download cannot work because iPhone has upgraded its operating system.xxx has successfully submit the latest software to App Store today. We have tested the new software and there is no problem installing it.

How to download and install the software:

Step 1. Open App Store on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Step 2. Search for X431 iDiag in the store.

Step 3. Select X431 iDiag.

Step 4. Click “INSTALL”

5. The software will be downloaded automatically then. The installation would take a few minutes. Please make sure your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch has enough power for that.

6. Click to install the software after the download is complete.

About X431 iDiag

From Autonumen.com Launch X431 Auto Diag is a easy to carry and efficient OBDII scanner for multiple brands of vehicles. With this Launch X431 Auto Diag, your iPhone or IPAD can be turned to be a powerful diagnostic scanner! The tool is able to read and clear DTCs, ecord and playback the tested data stream, create maintenance database, provide instant diagnosis information and supports online update. Its software can be downloaded free at app-store.

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