The update generation CK200 software is updated to V38.07

Today I want to show you the CK-200 Upgrade Tool and update instructions download.The update generation CK200 auto key programmer software is updated to V38.07 which adds some new car models.There is an “Extend” function in menu list. You need RFID Adapter to connect with CK200 Auto Key Programmer. The RFID adapter should be matched with the CK200 main unit Serial Number (on the back of the device).
The GM MDI is the new standard, but it is only for a few cars at this time. One being the new gen Camaro. It is part of the new Global Diagnostics systems that GM is steering towards. The GM Tech 2 scanner for sale is still a stable workhorse of a scan tool for the GM stable. I still have an old Tech1a which I use on the older cars. My Tech2 is the only scan tool that I use when tuning our cars. I prefer it over the scanner software that is included in the tuning software. For me its much easier than wrestling with a laptop when on the dyno and especially when driving on the street.

A real GM Tech 2 runs $1800 without any software, and with just one cable and the obd2 connector. A full blown T2 kit runs over 2500 and that is a good buddy deal, it to does not come with software as that is a GM dealer price so its sold with the assumption that the dealer has GM access to load the software. A commercial version loaded ready to go runs well over $3000. Even then you still need a subscription to get any dealer programming. And of course that is extra. Just having the tool doesn’t mean you can do any sort of controller programming unless you have a subscription to GM TIS or access to it.

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