There are a lot of counterfit Tech2s out there

There are a lot of counterfit¬†GM Tech2 Scanner out there. Especially those from China, I have heard of horror stories from people that have purchased them only to find out that they don’t work as advertised, then they try to get Vetronix to fix them only to hear them laughing in their face.

A real Tech2 runs $1800 without any software, and with just one cable and the¬†OBD2 Scanner A full blown T2 kit runs over 2500 and that is a good buddy deal, it to does not come with software as that is a GM dealer price so its sold with the assumption that the dealer has GM access to load the software. A commercial version loaded ready to go runs well over $3000. Even then you still need a subscription to get any dealer programming. And of course that is extra. Just having the tool doesn’t mean you can do any sort of controller programming unless you have a subscription to GM TIS or access to it.

The system has been formulated to be able to contend with Nokia’ s most significant that will make from the Bluetooth sector Parrot who is CK3100 automobile system has been one of the best vendor inside The eu for more than only two decades. Created for identical price point the CK200 Car Key Programmer provides Multipoint which allows intended for only two mobile phones to become related at the same time.

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