2015 CK200 Auto key programmer new available

2015 CK200 Auto key programmer new available!!! CK-200 Auto Key Programmer is the upgrade version of old CK100 key programmer , latest V38.03 CK200 added more vehicles and functions.This tool No Tokens Limitation. Compare with old version CK100 key programmer,CK200 support more vehicles till 2013. In addition, CK200 key programmer also support toyota G chip.
the only ones on ebay are from sellers from china…i dont want to buy all the way from china plus i heard one guy sending his back because it didnt work(dont know full story)…another thing i thought these “GM TECH II” scanners cost around 1500.00 or more so how are they selling it for half the price unless its some replica or something or a cheaper universal version?? For the other members mentioning gm database no i do not…but i know a mechanic i use who has the gm tech II so i may just let him do it but again i dont know if he has the access to gm database to load everything?? is it not already loaded on the tech II scanner to plug and play with the BCM?

At this time, there is nothing to share regarding another hand-held device like the Tech 2. A tablet can support the GDS 2 application as long as it has an Intel i series processor and Windows 7 Professional for the operating system. The tablet must have the hard drive and memory capacity to support all Techline applications and should meet all recommended specifications ofthe GM Tech ii Guidelines. Typically, these tablets price out higher than a laptop.

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