Thy way to get CAT Caterpillar ET 2014A License Key

CAT Caterpillar ET Diagnostic Adapter is Caterpillar Vehicle communication Adapter, Caterpillar trucks Diagnostic tool. Caterpillar et software 2014B is available to multi-languge. Caterpillar et enable service technicians to reprogram ECMs, reconfigure control system parameters.

Thy way to get CAT Caterpillar ET 2014A License Key
step1: caterpillar open electronic technician
step 2: caterpillar electronic technican asks for license
step 3:caterpillar et 2014a asks for licensing
step 4:copy license code
step 5: open cat ET key 2014a
step 6: open et2k9c.kg
step 7: caterpillar ET 2014a paste license code
step 8: caterpillar et 2014a choose subscription
step 9:caterpillar et2010a copy license key
step 10: caterpillar ET 2014a copy license key
step 11: paste license key in th following box
step 12: Click authorize
step 13:caterpillar et 2014a copy license granted

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