What is the difference between CAT ET Adapter III and CAT ET Adapter II

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What is the difference between¬†cat et adapter and CAT ET Adapter II; Cat Comm III. Is one just a usb connection and one serial? Also, will this unit work with my Cat 3126B marine units? Seriel no. 3GS01797 Thanks. AT Comm II was a serial port model, but since computers are no longer made with serial ports, they changed the design to a USB and called it a CAT Comm III. So you are correct. This unit works with all CAT engines — Marine, on-highway, and off-highway. On Marine units, I’m not sure where they put the plug, but it should be somewhere near the ECM (Typically). It should be either a 6 pin or 9 pin connector.

CAT ET DataLink Adapter III is Vehicle communication Adapter kit for Caterpillar Heavy Duty, Cat et adapter 3 also called CAT ET Adapter III, Caterpillar Scanner cat et communication adapter 3 support Bluetooth Wireless Diagnostic function. Vipprogrammer.com Cat et adapter 3 Caterpillar Scanner Cat et adapter iii with sis ET Program

CAT ET Caterpillar Scanner produces a large variety of construction equipment, such as trucks, bulldozers and high speed diesel engines. While conducting maintenance on these engines, diagnostics are conducted using a computer program that electronically checks the engine. Running a diagnostic program on an engine takes the guesswork out of determining what issues need to be addressed.


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