How To Keep Your Car Organized, Even With Kids

In many ways, our cars become an extension of our homes. We spend a lot of time in them and clutter can become an issue. Today’s vehicles often come with what appears to be plenty of storage. This becomes an invitation to put more in the car, however, rather than to stay organized. Here are some ideas that can help you keep your vehicle clutter-free, even with kids.

1.Start With the Basics. Most of us have basic essentials we carry in our cars. These range from an extra blanket or two in the winter to a first aid kit and perhaps a 72-hour emergency kit. Roadside assistance items like jumper cables, a tow strap, flares, emergency triangles and other items also often float around in the trunk.

2.Organizing Kids’ Snacks. It never fails. You load your kids into the car, get everyone’s seat belts and safety seats buckled down, and are just merging onto the interstate when someone yells, “Mom! I’m hungry!” A difficult to reach bag of snacks or a passenger’s seat onto which several granola bars or grapes have been tossed doesn’t cut it. You need organization that both keeps the food clean and makes it easily accessible by someone who should be paying attention to the road.

3.Busybody Organization. Entertainment is the other thing kids want while on a drive. Perhaps staring out the window and making faces at passerby was enough for kids in the 1970s, but now kids expect full, immersive and immediate entertainment. We can blame the demise of the backward-facing rear seat for this. Or iPods. That still leaves the problem of keeping the kids busy without them getting into mischief back there as you drive.

4.Take Out the Trash. Last but not least, we come to the inevitable garbage. Kids or not, we create refuse while driving our cars. Empty drink containers, food wrappers, unneeded receipts and all the rest. Often it ends up being tossed into an “out of sight, out of mind” spot and forgotten. There is a better way.

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