Launch X431 Diagun Features

Most customers say Launch X-431 Diagun Auto Scanner brings much convenience for my job. I like it! This is a universal diagnostic tool with powerful functions. It supports many brands which is an easy task to operate. When you buy the Launch X431 Diagun, sometimes you may find it is hard to connect the Bluetooth, so then how to do it ? let me tell you .
Dear friend, when you buy Launch X431 Diagun, have you confused with the diagun software update? if yes, please don’t worry, now I will show the common question and answer about the Launch X-431 Diagun update Q. Why won’t my computer download the updates? A. Your Internet browser may have a pop-up blocker enabled. You may have seen a gold bar appear at the top of your browser window entitled ‘Information Bar’. This signifies a popup blocker is active.

X-431 Diagun Features:
powerful diagnostic functions:Fully inherits the many diagnostic functions of X431,capable to test nearly all domestic vehicles, European, Asian and U.S. Series.
Wireless diagnostic function:Main unit performs wireless communications (range<100m) with DBScar connector via Bluetooth.
Interface optimization:Interface an appealing, booting directly into diagnostic desktop, easier for operation.
Product integration:Cover with shutter design, DBScarconnector placed internally.
Compact and portable:Properly handheld design, compactand portable.
Printing function:Supports printers with standard USBinterface to print diagnostic results
Fast upgrading:Upgrades nearly 1,000 times a year, to guarantee the timeless of software and features.
Long-get ready time:Sustainable usage of more(a) 10 hours.

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