How to Enable & disable Cayenne 958 locking sound with Piwis 2

How to Enable & disable Cayenne 958 locking sound with Piwis 2

Car model: Porsche Cayenne 958 2011, have it for about 2 weeks.

Symptom: The acoustic locking sound doesn’t work when I lock the car with the remote. It blinks twice as per the manual but doesn’t make the sound.


Option 1: Failed

IIRC – you can turn this sound on or off using the vehicle settings in the PCM. You may want to open the manual.


Ok, just tested, the panic works just fine. It’s kinda like a high pitch, almost like whistling sound.


Heading to the garage with my key. I found an online 2014-2015 – and there is no mention (as you found) of an audible alarm arming confirmation. All they mentioned is the double-blink of the parking lights. Let’s see what mine (’11 CTT) does. Hang on a second…

OK – back. Mine does a double-chirp on key

locking and door-button locking. No noise on unlocking. I poked around a bit on vehicle settings, I could swear I saw someplace in the convoluted menu system an option to turn the chirp off – but couldn’t find it. Go figure.

Almost feel like I entered a Nintendo cheat code and it turned it off. When I first got the car, I was bushing buttons and turned the key in the door.


On my 2011, pressing the lock button on remote twice locks the car but disables interior monitoring. I don’t think I have this button. But regardless, the manual indicates acoustic sound, which doesn’t happen.

Option 2: I’d love to get a more sophisticated tool like PIWIS, Piwis 2 is enough and much cheap.

Piwis 2 can enable/disable the locking sound for Cayenne 958 successfully.

Can the locking sound be enabled, YES?

Can the locking sound be disabled, YES!

Tools needed: PIWIS2, pair of balls.

I located the acoustic locking sound in Frontend Electronics. Just ticked the customer-specific coding on this to enabled, saved, and tested to work. It all took 30 seconds.
Must admit, I was surprised with this chirping sound and how quiet it is, but it works for what I needed it for.

To anyone who wants this remote locking sound, you definitely need Piwis 2.

I only wish I had more info on PIWIS 2 coding instructions, I would try coding more things.
While trying to change some other random things, like telling the rear lid to close on lock, it completely stopped working and wouldn’t close. Good thing there is Auto Coding function in PIWIS 2. then turned the car off, on and functions returned to the rear lid. Hence I say “tools needed, pair of balls”

FYI, for the newest Porsche model after the 2017 year (i.e 2018 Macan), requires Piwis III;

For the older Porsche model (i.e a 99 Boxster), don’t need the newest version, then piwis II is okay.


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