Launch X431 Icarscan Diagnostic Tool Full Systems For Android/IOS With 8 Free Software

The main function for the new ICarScan VCI:
1.I/M Readiness Monitor
2.Read DTC’s
3.Clear DTC’s
4.Read Freeze Frame Data
5.Read and Graph Data Stream PID’s
6.Full System Scan
7.Actuation Tests

iOS system currently supports the special functions including DEMO, EOBD2, Oil / Service reset, brake pads reset and steering angle reset, more 7 kinds of special function will be added from Autonumen.com.
Android system supports 11 special functions including: IMMO & key programming, Odometer Adjustment, Oil / Service reset, ABS bleeding, TPS throttle body adaptation, brake pads reset,
Steering angle reset, battery matching, DPF regeneration, Injector coding, Tire Pressure Warning Light Reset, gear learning.

What is different bettween new icarscan and old iscarscan:
1. The new Launch ICarScan with 88 free brand of software for you select .Five car line choice(fullfunction software),Three specica function software choice, but the old iscarscan only with 5 softwares.
2. The new iscarscan can support multiple special function software and actuation tests incl.Oil / Service reset, ABS bleeding, IMMO & key programming, throttle body adaptation, brake pads,steering angle reset,battery matching, DPF regeneration,Injector coding, but old icarscan cant support all syterm. So the new icarscan is more poweful.
3.The new iscarscan support full systems and complete function dignosis for the most extensive coverage of OE-level diagnostics
4. The new icarscan supports both Android and IOS systems, but Icarscan only support ISO systerm.
5. The old icarscan supports all India and Malaysia cars software, but the new icarscan support those cars software now, but those car software will be aviabled in the future!

Compare The new Launch icarscan with Launch M-Diag Lite:
1.Launch M-diag just with one free car software, but new icarscan with 8 free brand cars software.

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